Round 1: The Crow vs. X-Men

One brought a man back from the dead and the other brought a genre back.

The Crow features one of the most tragic stories in film history. Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee, stars as Eric Draven and gives the performance an impressive amount of depth. The tragedy of this film came when Lee was accidentally killed while filming his own death scene. Too much life imitating art, but still great nonetheless.

X-Men came at a time when there were very few superhero films being released. It helped bring the concept back to life and set a standard for future films. The cast of this film is truly remarkable and Hugh Jackman especially gets a lot of credit for outlasting all others and setting a truly impressive record.

The Crow is a very dark take on the superhero genre, but it has some truly inspiring themes. X-Men launched an impressive franchise, many of which surpassed it. My choice to advance to the next round is…

The Crow


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