Ready Player One – 2018

The importance of pop culture in today’s social media-laden world cannot be understated. The quotability of classic films has only increased with the help of platforms such as Facebook or Reddit to help emphasize their significance. Ready Player One is the culmination of all of this obsession into a single film. The film follows a teenager named Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) who, along with most of the world, frequents a virtual reality called the Oasis. Inside the Oasis he hunts for 3 keys that will unlock the ultimate Easter egg and grant him control of the Oasis. The film features refences to some of the most iconic films, tv shows, and video games, but as cool as these are, they almost feel overused and take away from the overall message of the film. Spielberg does a great job and remains true to the source material, while creating a visually impressive film that would have been impossible to make 10 years ago.

A fun ride through the eighties and nineties, this one has a lot of potential for rewatch-ability, even if just for all the references.

Not the top of Spielberg’s filmography, but definitely one of his most challenging, I give it…

4 out of 5


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