The 1990s

The nineties is a tough decade to judge. The decade is full of some great films, but it is also full of some nostalgic films that have become iconic in the years since. The films of this decade are both fun and fundamental and there are a number of great things that occurred within this decade that have had lasting implications on the years since.

Computer-generated imagery made some truly impressive leaps with Pixar creating Toy Story, the first computer-animated feature film. Pixar has since become the pinnacle of animation, creating some of the most iconic films and revolutionizing animation with their techniques. They have been mimicked and replicated by several other studios since.

The other impressive feature of the decade was the advent of the big-budget film. True Lies became the first film with a budget of $100 million and Titanic topped that with its astounding $200. This model of granting films massive budgets to sponsor greater returns has only been expounded and most films boast even more now.

My picks for each year are as follows:

  • 1990 – Dances with Wolves; Goodfellas
  • 1991 – The Silence of the Lambs; Terminator 2: Judgment Day; JFK
  • 1992 – Unforgiven; A Few Good Men; Glengarry Glen Ross
  • 1993 – Jurassic Park; Groundhog Day; Schindler’s List; Philadelphia
  • 1994 – The Shawshank Redemption; The Lion King; Pulp Fiction
  • 1995 – Babe; Heat; Toy Story; The American President
  • 1996 – Fargo; Jerry Maguire
  • 1997 – Titanic; Good Will Hunting; Boogie Nights; The Ice Storm
  • 1998 – Saving Private Ryan; The Truman Show
  • 1999 – The Matrix; The Sixth Sense; Fight Club

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