Victoria & Abdul – 2017

Queen Victoria is the second-longest reigning monarch in British history and as such she has over sixty years of stories that could be told. One of the more interesting stories is about her relationship with a young Muslim named Abdul, who became her personal teacher for the last years of her life. Judi Dench plays Victoria here, it might be a role that has always been meant for her, while newcomer Ali Fazal plays Abdul. The relationship between these characters might be the focus of this film, but the elaborate setting and feel of this film is what really stands out. Getting the setting right is difficult in a period piece, but Stephen Frears does a great job and it gives the characters a lot of space in which to become these figures.

Well-made and extremely stylish, this one is very timely, which might have been the intention.

An interesting story, but devoid of any great moments that make this film a true standout, I give it…

3 out of 5


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