Oscars: Production Design

The vision of a film needs to blend perfectly with how the director envisions it and how it actually looks. It is the responsibility of the production team to create and maintain the look and feel of the film. Until recently, this award was called Best Art Direction, but it excluded a lot of the hard work put in by set designers and the production crew that it was renamed to better encompass the wide scale job necessary to create an impressive and stylish film.

The nominees for Best Production Design are:

  • Beauty and the Beast – To say that this film is extremely stylish would be an understatement. The amount of work that went into creating the fantastical world of this film is truly impressive and deserving of high praise. The way the sets match perfectly with the magic created by the imagery and tone of the film is a great compliment to the team behind this film.
  • Blade Runner 2049 – Creating the tone of a neo-noir, futuristic film is a difficult task and this film had some of the largest and most elaborate set pieces of any film this year. The way that the film incorporated these pieces and still managed to maintain the gritty, closed-off feel of the film says a lot about the detail-oriented nature of the crew behind it.
  • Darkest Hour – Getting a period drama to look right may not seem difficult, but the detail requires a meticulous mind to ensure that nothing is out-of-place and everything seen on screen should be there. This film ensured that everything went smoothly and the attention to detail here makes this film all the more realistic and worth watching.
  • Dunkirk – Full of impressive scenery and magnificent detail, this film took on a single, isolated event and created an elaborate movie which used some very realistic locations to achieve accuracy. The film blends the cruel reality of the situation with the calm nature of the sea together well, and creates some beautiful scenes that required almost no dressing up at all.
  • The Shape of Water – Not the most stylish film in this category, but easily the most blended film. The nature of this film required a number of genres to be blended together and each setting in this film feels totally unique from the others and yet all the pieces fit together perfectly. This film is the perfect mixture of fantasy and period piece and the production team made sure that was clear.

My Prediction to win is…

Beauty and the Beast


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