Logan – 2017

It feels like Hugh Jackman has been Wolverine for his entire life. He played the character for seventeen years and he gave 100% every time. Logan is the grand finale for a character who has been around since the first X-Men film and without whom the series will definitely suffer. The beauty of Logan comes from the performance given by Jackman who put his heart and soul into this role knowing that it is his last. He plays an older and jaded Logan perfectly and he makes the audience feel exhausted just watching how much his character has suffered in his unusually long life. The plot follows Logan as he goes on a road trip with ninety-year-old Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and his test tube daughter Laura (newcomer Dafne Keen) as they search for a mutant sanctuary.

Jackman will be sorely missed and this film will go down in history as his best performance as Wolverine.

Having seen both the color and black & white version I have to say that there were subtle differences that made both versions unique and together they earn…

4.5 out of 5



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