Alien: Covenant – 2017

The Alien franchise is nearly forty years old and still Ridley Scott continues to put out new additions to the series, though these new ones are prequels to the main story. The latest, Covenant, is the sequel to the prequel and offers a lot of new insight into the birth of the Aliens. A colonization ship traveling to a planet quite far from Earth, intercepts a mysterious call and, realizing that the planet could serve as a suitable planet for life, they change course to investigate. Needless to say, everything goes wrong. The film features an impressive dual performance from Michael Fassbender, who returns as android David and as an updated model called Walter. It is his performance as these dueling robots that makes this film worth watching, though Katherine Waterston and Billy Crudup give great performances as well.

A little diluted by its explanation of the origin of species, it still has quite a few great action sequences which are worth checking out.

It might be time to let the Alien franchise go, but for now we’ll just keep on watching them; I give this one…

3 out of 5


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