No Country for Old Men – 2007

No Country for Old Men follows a man called Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) who stumbles upon a satchel filled with money and does whatever it takes to keep it. There are not very many villains quite like Anton Chigurh. His calm and ruthless demeanor makes him immensely compelling and Javier Bardem’s performance is easily one of the best of the past twenty years. His quest to regain the satchel from Moss almost seems pointless and he often acknowledges that he has little motivation to retrieve the money. Tommy Lee Jones also appears as an aged sheriff on the verge of retirement who tries to make sense out of the case and the seemingly random acts of violence following Chigurh across Texas. Possibly the best Coen Brothers’ film and their eye for detail makes it one of the best films this century.

A great western and it can be watched over and over again without getting old.

One of my all-time favorites and it ranks high in my opinion, earning…

5 out of 5


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