Life of Brian – 1979

Monty Python were known for their wit and existential humor, particularly when it came to offending crowds of people with one felled swoop. The entire Christian population boycotted this film, which might upset some, but the boys of Monty Python were proud of their film and couldn’t have been happier about the bad press. This film follows a man named Brian who was born in the manger next to Jesus and spends his life trying to find some purpose as great as the son of God. This film pokes fun at most of the conventions of modern Christianity and the especially the story of Jesus. Some of the greatest moments of this film come from misunderstandings and misconceptions about Brian’s role as a savior of the Jewish people.

Funny and irreverent, probably the most offensive movie the boys ever made.

This one is a slow-burn and has a few over the head jokes, which earns it…

4 out of 5


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