Thor: Ragnarok – 2017

The Thor movies have never been stand outs in Marvel’s collection of films, but I am happy to say that this one achieves something that eluded the previous two films: humor. Thor has always been the serious sort, but here he finally finds his lighthearted side, while never forgetting that the world still needs saving. Taika Waititi proves again that he is a gifted director and knows how to balance a movie on the razor’s edge of comedy and tragedy. He takes a cast of actors with an established relationship and he challenges them to try something bolder, newer, and stranger and this risk pays off big time. The Marvel movies are all about connective tissue and this film sets up for future movies in a big, big way.

Best of the trilogy and the right kind of funny that makes me want to go back.

A great new saga in the superhero genre and it has my respect and…

4.5 out of 5


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