Interstellar – 2014

Christopher Nolan is a filmmaker. He ascends beyond the title of director and into a territory that only some of the greats have ever achieved. Interstellar is one of his bolder efforts and it pays off handsomely, with a message that rings truer with every passing year. The film focuses on a space expedition to find a new planet for the human race, whose ignorance and arrogance has destroyed the earth. The film tries not to paint the destruction of the planet as the fault of the people on it, but Nolan’s message about uniting toward a common goal is still powerful and the cause is as noble as ever. This film features a surprisingly in-tune performance from Matthew McConaughey who seems right at home as an off-world farmer.

There is a lot to love about this film and a lot of reason to watch it.

Corn might be tasty, but not something you want to have every meal, even still…

4 out of 5


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