Fight Club – 1999

I’m not supposed to talk about Fight Club. I’m not supposed to talk about Fight Club. But, what the hell. Brad Pitt and Edward Norton star as two men with serious anger issues who use their repressed anger to form a club dedicated to a baser human instinct. The focus of the film is not only on the relationship between these two men, but also on their relationship with society in general. The premise of the film is that humanity is far too dependent on ‘things’. The film makes a lot of valid points about consumerism and its message is truer now than it was when the film first came out. David Fincher is the right man for this story and he does a great job of taking a psychologically twisted novel and turning it into an equally twisted film.

Pain is cathartic, fortunately this film is a different kind of experience.

So many good rules about fight club, on average I’d say I follow…

4 out of 5


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