Certain Women – 2016

Three vignettes of life in the Midwest, Montana to be more specific. Kelly Reichardt is an indie darling when it comes to female empowerment films and this one is her finest yet. Each segment of this film focuses on a woman in the midst of some crisis. The first focuses on a Laura Wells (Laura Dern) as she tries to help a client during a workplace injury lawsuit that didn’t go his way. The second focuses on Gina Lewis (Michelle Williams) a manipulative mother who is trying to build her dream home. The third focuses on Jamie (Lily Gladstone), a lonely rancher who finds herself drawn to a law teacher (Kristen Stewart) in an attempt to find companionship. All three of these women’s lives are intertwined, but it is the way Reichardt expertly focuses on each woman and uses the mountains and plains of Montana to isolate each woman and give her a reason for longing.

The film deftly navigates the different stories and is a great film to watch again.

Life is constantly happening and this film shows it well and earns…

4 out of 5



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