The Truman Show – 1998

The Truman show offers an interesting commentary on the nature of media. The film is a bleak representation of television and more importantly, of the viewers themselves. In the twenty years since the Truman show first came out, the obsession with reality television has consumed the American people. This film creates a world where a single man is unaware of his role as the most popular television character, while everyone else is simply acting. Jim Carrey gives a stupendous performance as Truman and his slow descent into paranoia is played so realistically that it almost doesn’t feel like acting. Ed Harris also gives a great, if slightly reserved performance as the man behind the curtain who has been manipulating Truman’s life from the very beginning.

Amazingly acted and will definitely need multiple viewing to catch every detail.

This film suscribes to a unique perspective and for that it gets…

4 out of 5


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