Night Train to Munich – 1940

The thriller is an interesting genre. Modern thriller rely on around the corner frights and keeping the viewer’s heart racing, but older thrillers tapped into something more primitive. Night Train to Munich focuses on a plot to transfer a kidnapped industrialist to Nazi Germany so that he can work for the enemy, but the Brits aren’t having it. The film focuses on a British agent who impersonates a German soldier to get close and help the industrialist and his daughter escape the Nazis. What this film did right is build the suspense slowly and with intent, because as covers are sure to be blown, the stakes become ever more real and there is nothing quite as real as the looming threat of World War.

A slow burn with still relevant themes and well worth a watch.

The comedic team of Charters and Caldicott would agree that this film deserves…

4 out of 5


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