A Ghost Story – 2017

David Lowery is an up-and-coming director and if it was in doubt before, this film proves it. The film might seem like a ridiculous concept, a ghost who is literally a sheet, but it never feels absurd and it is a truly heart-warming film about the love shared between a husband and wife, even after the husband dies. The film utilizes Rooney Mara extremely well and her emotional performance is definitely one of her most raw. Casey Affleck is covered by a sheet for most of the movie, but his intentional and patient performance proves that great actors can be seen without actually being seen. There is a moment in the film that addresses the futility of life and the human desire to be remembered and this film has succeeded, because it will be a hard one to forget.

Sadly beautiful and executed extremely well, this one is a modern classic.

Deserving of all the recognition it gets, I offer this one a fairly high score…

4.5 out of 5



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