Fantastic Planet – 1973

A remnant of a very odd time, this film is bizarre. The concept of the film focuses on hundred-foot tall blue aliens who keep tiny humans as pets. One of the pets begins to learn like the aliens and escapes to join a rebellion against the aliens. There are a number of striking things about this story, one of the most interesting to me is the color of the aliens and their attempts to rebel against the established order. Frankly, this seems a little bit like another movie that featured blue aliens interacting poorly with humans, only there the roles were reversed. Fantastic Planet is a French film and it has all of the tale-tale signs of french cinema, including a lack of approachability and a out-of-left-field concept.

Exactly what you’d expect from this film is what you get.

An intriguing concept, and despite it’s obscue nature I still give it…

4 out of 5


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