The Descendants – 2011

In my ongoing love affair with Alexander Payne, I have just watched The Descendants. George Clooney gives one of his finest performances as Matt King, a husband and father whose wife is dying. He lends humor to a role that shouldn’t be funny and makes sympathy into something that seems hard to come by. The climate of the film comes from King’s ability to let go, while dealing with his wife he also deals with the sale of a piece of family land. Payne uses this in contrast with the death of his wife and finds that only one thing can be let go at a time. The peace of Hawaii is hard to disrupt, but Alexander Payne does his very best with this wonderful little piece of cinema.

Definitely one of my favorites and easily rewatchable.

Not that Clooney needs a bigger ego, but here I go…

4.5 out of 5



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