Watership Down – 1978

Bunnies. Bunnies trying to kill each other. Watership Down is a great book and the movie version lives up to the same hype as the book. There are, of course, small deviations and slight condensations, but overall it is the same. The film version is animated, which was pretty much the only way to do a film about bunnies on the run from other bunnies. The film doesn’t offer much more to animation, but it did something that hadn’t been done before, it took a book featuring adult themes and created a children’s movie about them. There is some argument that the film isn’t for children, but I think that the intention of the film was to expose the dark side of life to those with a false sense of innocence.

Frith offers peace to the world of rabbits and it can be achieved from viewing this as well.

All hail the mighty Frith and his bunnies of…

3 out of 5



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