Sideways – 2004

Paul Giamatti is a sad sack. Maybe not in real life, but he plays one extremely well, Sideways is no exception. Directed by, the always masterful, Alexander Payne, Sideways is the story of two men on a week-long wine tasting in California before one’s upcoming nuptials. Obviously, there are tons of things that happen between the beginning and end of the road trip, but it is noteworthy that nothing really lasting happens to either man. Neither of the two friends comes out of the week with a changed perspective and it is a credit to both Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church that they can play these characters who walk away from, what should have been, a life-changing week, unchanged. There is a kind of zen to them and it makes the chaos all the more enjoyable seeing how quickly they bounce back.

Alexander Payne always scores big when he gets in the game, this one is no exception.

The taste is mostly sweet with a hint of fruit and just a dash of…

4 out of 5


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