Mustang – 2015

Sometimes you can feel that something is going to go wrong in a movie. Mustang is the story of five teenage (mostly) girls who are trapped in their house after their oppressive grandmother and uncle decide they have disgraced the family. Eventually the girls are set up in arranged marriages since wives is the only thing they are capable of being. The film frames itself in a way that translates the cramped and confined feeling of the girls to the audience. The film never hesitates in its intensity and sympathy for the girls is immediate and never ceasing. The girls prove themselves somewhat resigned to their fate and the dangerous chauvinism of their uncle is just the culture in which they were raised. The movie never makes it feel like their treatment is acceptable though, nor should it.

Intense, dark, and suffocating, but gorgeously acted and meticulously designed.

Five sisters in the movie, but not all ended up engaged, it was only…

4 out of 5


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