The Fisher King – 1991

Mental illness is challenging to portray on film. It is often seen as insensitive to have someone who isn’t mentally ill portray a severe mental illness, but the severely mentally ill usually aren’t in a position to appear on screen in that capacity. This means that it falls to truly talented actors to take up their mantle. Robin Williams is exactly the actor for a role like this, because he operates in his own reality, much like those suffering from schizophrenia. His portrayal is scarily accurate and he makes the role less about him and more about the illness. Jeff Bridges appears as his straight man who is suffering from another illness, PTSD. While his character is portrayed as mad or as crazy as Williams, he does a great job taking the pain of his character and turning it into something significant.

Great film, a bromance for the ages that is well worth it.

Great acting and a great story, but not the finest from either actor…

3.5 out of 5


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