Hunt for the Wilderpeople – 2016

Two more different people probably don’t exist in the world of film. A boy called Ricky and his foster ‘uncle’ are the subject of a national manhunt over a misunderstanding. Taika Waititi is an indie darling and here is where he finally put himself in the spotlight. He straddles the line perfectly between comedy and sentimentality and the spirit of adventure never fades for a second. The film emphasizes the bond between the two men, but it is their bond with nature that Waititi really brings to the front. They both have great love for the wilderness, for completely different reasons, and it translates well in the film. Sam Neill is at his finest and relative newcomer Julian Dennison packs a punch. It’s no wonder this is the most profitable New Zealand film of all time.

Altogether great and it definitely has my recommendation.

New Zealand has had some pretty solid movies over the years, but this one is a…

4.5 out of 5


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