99 Homes – 2014

America is a place where people believe that they can accomplish anything, where they can have anything, where they can do anything. 99 Homes is the cold hard reality of the American dream. The film follows a single father named Nash who loses his family home during the housing collapse. He then finds himself working for the same man who had him evicted. Though he starts out working to earn enough to regain his home, their relationship develops into a partnership and Nash finds himself corrupted. The performances of Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon are impressive and offer a glimpse into the world of immorality that has led so many astray. The film offers a coherent tale that really emphasizes how easy it is to become unethical.

Not the best film about real estate, but still an intriguing turn of events.

The American dream might be a perfect score, but close is good enough…

3.5 out of 5



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