Blind Chance – 1987

Kieślowski is a master of human nature. In Blind Chance, he takes a man grieving over the death of his father and send him to catch a train. It is here that the story diverges into three separate sequences. Each one is unique and each one exploits the grief of the protagonist into doing something with which he doesn’t really agree. In each one he isn’t governed by external factors, but instead by own emotions. Each scenario breeds a reaction from him and these reactions drive the story forward. Kieślowski’s understanding of humanity makes the film a story about more than just choices or luck, but instead it is a portrait of the minuscule. He paints with such precise strokes and yet here, as with everything, he shows us so much more.

Poetry in motion and definitely a fine effort by a fine director.

Only mild confusion so it won’t cost much, still gets…

3 out of 5


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