The Iron Giant – 1999

The gentle giant is a pretty standard trope in literature and film. From Lenny in Of Mice and Men to King Kong, they exist in every genre and have existed since the birth of film. The Iron Giant takes the gentle giant and turns him into a conflicted war machine whose base instinct threatens to tear apart the semblance of peace he finds in life. The story places the action in the time of fear and suspicion of the Cold War which makes the acceptance of the giant all the more impressive. But as great as the story is, it is the animation that stands out. This film was the first to combine traditional animation with one single digital character and it blends the mediums together perfectly. Combining the digital animation of the giant with the traditionally animated humans is a perfect metaphor for the giant’s struggle throughout the movie.

Great film, great animation, great opportunity to feel accepted.

Down with the commies and their space man, says…

4 out of 5


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