Frances Ha – 2012

There are some movies that are just awkward. It doesn’t prevent them from being good, it just makes them a little harder to watch. Frances Ha is one of those movies. Greta Gerwig gives a powerful performance as the perpetually struggling Frances and Noah Baumbach never feels like he’s at a loss in directing her into more and more cringeworthy situations. Stylistically, black and white movies offer very little visually, but that is one of the best reasons to film in that format. But it is for this reason that the film is better. Over saturation is like ADHD, if there is too much going on it takes away from the rest of the film, and here it falls to Frances to have too much going on; keeping color absent keeps Frances in focus.

Awkward. Frustrating. Real. But overall, worth the struggle.

Despite the awkwardness, it still deserves…

4 out of 5


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