Up – 2009

The most heartbreaking 10 minutes of any movie might be the beginning of Up. The love story created by this film is beautiful and wonderful and also depressing. This film is one of the great joys of my life and I could watch it repeatedly. One of the problems with animated movies is the static characters, but that isn’t a problem here. But Pixar always offers multi-dimensional characters and this film is no exception. Edward Asner puts his heart and soul into his role as curmudgeon Carl Fredricksen and it doesn’t feel like he’s acting most of the time. Newcomer Jordan Nagai owns the role of Russell and makes innocence into a weapon that only the truly gifted can wield. There is so much to love about this movie and I can find something new every time.

Worth the heartbreaking opening, this film is one of Pixar’s best.

An adventure was had and it deserves at least…

4 out of 5



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