Fantasia – 1940

Walt Disney was a revolutionary, there is no way around it. Back in the thirties he had an idea to combine classical music with animation. Many scoffed at the idea, but he went through with it anyway and the result was fantastic. There are several notable sequences throughout, but the most noteworthy are “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and “Night on Bald Mountain”. One is whimsical and takes all of the humor and life Disney felt for animation and places it in the hands of his most famous character Mickey Mouse. The other is terrifying and has given children nightmares for the past 70 years. Both are examples of the power of animation. It has the ability to create our wildest, most wondrous dreams or to electrify our fears into agonizing nightmares. Fantasia is the passion project of a dreamer, and it shows in the end.

A little long for my taste, but worth it for the score.

Impressive but would never pass today’s expectations, so…

3 out of 5


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