Who Framed Roger Rabbit? – 1988

Animation is a unique medium. The film industry has been utilizing animation for almost a hundred years and it has been revolutionized dozens of times. One of the most impressive uses of animation lies in creating a hybrid film. Combining traditional animation with live actors is the precursor to the CGI hybrid film. Bob Hoskins is a talented actor, but he is often overshadowed by his animated costars. There are a lot of good moments in this film, but some of the best moments come from the cameos by well-known cartoon characters. This film existed long before contracts and rights prevented characters from different studios interacting. This film offers a chance at innocent fun and it delivers so much more.

Definitely one of my favorites and deserves the appreciation of a new generation.

I’ll give this one a good score, mostly for the nostalgia…

4.5 out of 5



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