Babe – 1995

Talking animal movies are not my favorite, but in certain cases I make an exception. Babe is an exception. There is a childlike innocence to the film and it can work its wonder on young and old alike. The beauty of the film comes from its innocence. The pig is every child who ever felt like the world was cruel, but instead of becoming jaded by the world, Babe proves that goodness can turn even the cruelest creature around. The film revolutionized the talking animal film and it was the first film to utilize CGI for this purpose. But as impressive as the techniques are, it is James Cromwell who shines in his stoic, almost silent performance as Farmer Hoggett. There is beauty in innocence and Babe helps to preserve it in every moment.

A great reminder of childhood, I love this one and advise everyone give it the attention it deserves.

Though he would have been delicious, the right choice was made…

4 out of 5


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