Marriage Story – 2019

Originality: Divorce is not a commonly told story in cinema; most prefer to tell the significantly happier side of the coin, but half the country is affected by it, including Noah Baumbach himself. Pulling from his personal experience, this film carefully meshes together his reality with the quirky world he creates for his characters to […]

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The Farewell – 2019

Originality: This film tells the story of an American woman who travels back to China to spend time with her dying grandmother; the twist being that she doesn’t know she’s dying. Based on Lulu Wang’s real-life, this film draws its audience in based on the lack of relatability since lying about a terminal diagnosis is […]

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First Man – 2018

There is something about space movies that appeals to pretty much everybody. The space race of the sixties is one of the most famous rivalries in history and the culmination of these events was one of the greatest moments in human history. Not to spoil the ending of the film, but Armstrong’s first steps on […]

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Tully – 2018

Jason Reitman is a talented director, but he’s had a few duds in recent years. Fortunately, his earlier works have given him a little leeway. His latest effort, and reunion with Diablo Cody, is Tully. Tully follows a pregnant mother of two named Marlo (Charlize Theron) who struggles to get a good night’s sleep following […]

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Una Mujer Fantástica – 2017

This movie cut into me pretty deep. The struggle experienced by the film’s lead character was truly devastating and a sad commentary on the state of the world. Marina Vidal (Daniela Vega) is a transgender woman living with her older boyfriend, but when her boyfriend suddenly dies, she finds herself at odds with his family […]

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