The Last Black Man in San Francisco – 2019

  • Originality: From the minds of a pair of mostly unknowns that is almost the true story of star Jimmie Fails who pours his heart and soul into this story that feels raw at every turn. The story of this film relies on Fails’ passion for a singular goal and the film never strays from that goal and this dedication makes this one of the most original films in the last decade. [5.0]
  • Performances: Jimmie Fails is a force to be reckoned with in this film and his talent bursts from the screen in every scene, but it is his sidekick in the film that shows the most range. Jonathan Majors is both reserved and insanely emotional throughout this film and it is his talent that creates the dynamic between his character and Fails and helps this film transcend the usual pitfalls. [4.5]
  • Technicality: Joe Talbot was just as unknown as star Jimmie Fails when he directed this film, but that raw talent is part of what gives this film its appeal and makes watching it feel like an entirely different experience. There are some truly great shots in this film, particularly when Fails is on his skateboard immersing himself in the beauty of San Francisco which is a perfect backdrop for Fails’ struggles. [4.5]
  • Rewatchability: This won’t be one that I revisit a lot, mostly due to the sometimes sad nature of the film and the weight that the protagonist carries across the two hours. This film is a perfect example of an indie film and its technical proficiency is one of the high selling points, but it was an emotionally wrenching film and the reality of Fails’ life deserves every level of appreciation, though maybe not every week. [4.0]

Total – [18.0/20.0]


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