Dolor y Gloria – 2019

  • Originality: Pedro Almodovar loves telling stories that make the viewers feel like they are complicit in emotional theft and this film is no different. Using his own life as inspiration, this film tells a story that is at different times: raw, angry, sad, immobile, and hopeful. Almodovar doesn’t shy away from the things that need to be said because they can be uncomfortable, instead he steers into them. [5.0]
  • Performances: Antonio Banderas is an often underused actor; for the last decade he has faded into a caricature of a man forced into some sort of action scenario. This has done him a disservice because it made people forget how great of an actor he really is. He isn’t the only soul on the screen here, but every scene in which he appears is gripped by his ability to pull every eye to him. [4.5] 
  • Technicality: Almodovar might be the greatest living director, but he doesn’t let the acclaim that he’s been awarded change his desire to shoot films from the angle of the story. His technique is very personal and by filming from within the moments on screen he helps the audience feel like they are a part of the action while never ignoring or neglecting the importance of his actors. [4.5]
  • Rewatchability: The unapologetic nature of Almodovar makes this film into something worth revisiting again and again. There’s a moment in the last two minutes of the film that calls every other scene in the film into question and it made me want to put it on again so that I could view it again. I can’t say I’m going to watch it again tomorrow, but if it’s on, I’m definitely not turning it off. [4.5]

Total – [18.5/20.0]


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