1917 – 2019

  • Originality: This was definitely a cool experience. Films like this are always intriguing as they aspire to do something that most films can’t, which is commit to long takes without interruption. It requires something that is extremely difficult to achieve and this film does a great job of achieving it. War films are fairly common, but this one managed to stand out in a crowded field. [4.5]
  • Performances: Much of this film is bit parts by well-known British actors, but at the heart of the film is the pair of George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman. MacKay is especially good here as the weight of their responsibility wears on him throughout the film and the range of emotion he displays might make his one of the best performances of the year. [5.0]
  • Technicality: Sam Mendes is a great director, of that there is no doubt, but this film isn’t about his talent, it comes down to someone else. Roger Deakins is the greatest cinematographer working today and he is one of the few people who can be trusted to complete this feat and his ability to follow the action in every moment while the world is ending around its characters is remarkable. [5.0]
  • Rewatchability: This, as with all war films, isn’t one that I’m going to revisit everyday. The weight of this film makes it difficult to want to watch again immediately, but the effort that went into it deserves to be appreciated and I am certain that I’ll be rewatching it at least once more in next year. This film deserves the same appreciation as its kin and will go down amongst them as a truly great war film. [4.5]

Total – [19.0/20.0]


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