Avengers: Endgame – 2019

  • Originality: Over 20 films in the making, this film concluded the arc of some of Marvel’s greatest heroes and it did it by combining fan service and truly inspired story-telling. No superhero film is truly original since every story is based on one comic arc or another, but this film does such a great job of putting its characters together that it almost doesn’t matter. [4.0]
  • Performances: It could take days to list all of the great performances in this film, so instead I’ll focus on the big three. Captain America has never been the most charismatic character, but Evans shows true range here; Hemsworth’s Thor has some of the best comedic and dramatic moments; but Downey is the only one who breaks hearts with his final Iron Man performance. [4.5]
  • Technicality: VFX heavy films never seem to rely too much on cinematography since the focus is on the action sequences and the accompanying effects. Every shot of this film feels very deliberate and the Russos show their talent for highlighting the actors despite the need for motion-capture or green screens. It’s not easy to shoot one of these films, but it’s hard to do it this well. [4.0]
  • Rewatchability: At 3 hours, this is the longest Marvel movie to date, and it’s easily the movie that I watch the most last year (3 times), but the question is how much will I watch it in the years to come. I think that it is safely in the highest tier of rewatchable Marvel films, but its runtime might keep it from getting it all the way to the top. [4.5]

Total – [17.0/20.0]


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