Final Round: Iron Man vs. The Dark Knight

Iron Man vs. The Dark Knight

This is literally the battle of the billionaires. There is no doubt that Tony Stark is the more charismatic of the two, but Bruce Wayne is more of a tragic figure whose motivations are much more self-sacrificial. At the end of the day, without any suits, Bruce Wayne would destroy Tony Stark. Fortunately for Stark, this battle is more metaphysical and focused on two truly astounding films. It is shocking that both came out in 2008, considering their completely different tones. The quality about Iron Man that The Dark Knight lacks is its self-awareness. Iron Man knows exactly what it wants to be and it knows how to be funny and light-hearted, while The Dark Knight toys with the idea, but leans back into the completely dark and senselessly violent. But it is thanks to this darkness that The Dark Knight has endured as long as it has, because the real star of the film isn’t Bale’s Batman, it is Heath Ledger’s Joker. This performance alone should cement Ledger as a master thespian, but it also solidifies The Dark Knight as the inarguably best film of a generation. Mad respect to both films for making it this far in my bracket, but I think there is only one choice for the winner, and it has to be…

The Dark Knight


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