Round 1: X-Men: First Class vs. Spider-Man

The beginning of friendships that are destined to turn sour.

X-Men: First Class takes on the origin story of Prof. X and Magneto and it does stylishly during the Cold War. McAvoy and Fassbender shine as Xavier and Magneto and both give their characters a youthful charisma that plays out perfectly. Matthew Vaughn gives this film legs and successfully revived the X-Men franchise in a big way.

Spider-Man represents the modern origin story for a superhero film. The film focuses on the early days of the hero’s escapades and Tobey Maguire plays the part extremely well, just not at all like the character was supposed to be. The film has its lighter moments and a pretty frightening villain and of course James Franco, so that’s enough.

First Class kept the X-Men on the screen and revived a flailing franchise, while Spider-Man created something original, that has been rehashed several times. My choice to advance to the next round is…



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