Round 1: Batman Begins vs. Thor: Ragnarok

Both of these films put their respective directors on the map.

Batman Begins is the origin story of one of the most famous superheroes in history. And it is Christopher Nolan’s dedication to this character that makes this take truly unique. Previous Batman films didn’t explore his origins, he just was, whereas here we get to experience the birth of this character in a truly compelling fashion.

Ragnarok, on the other hand, is the third film in a series of films that had, up to this point, been the weakest films of the Marvel universe series. But then Taika Waititi got a hold of the property and created a film so unique that it not only brought life back into the Thor character, but set a standard for the next generation of Marvel films.

Batman Begins is a solid film, but not the best of the trilogy, whereas Ragnarok can

claim, without equal, to being the best. My choice to advance to the next round is…

Thor: Ragnarok


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