Faces Places – 2017

Agnes Varda is a pioneer of the French New Wave and her films have inspired a generation of filmmakers. This unique documentary finds her in her late 80s and decides to confront her own mortality and failing vision by teaming up with photographer JR to travel the French countryside photographing villagers and workers and pasting their pictures on buildings. This might seem like some kind of absurdist fiction, but it is very real and very cathartic. Combining a revolutionary French filmmaker with a graffiti artist creates a completely original eye used to manufacture this film. The different perspectives that the fifty year difference between these two creates is so oddly combative and yet their respect for one another prevents any animosity and both simply strive to strike a balance between vision and respect.

One of the freshest films in years, this film is dripping the Varda’s focus on locations, while JR’s eye is instrumental.

A truly phenomenal work, this film earns my respect and an impressive…

5 out of 5



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