Unforgiven – 1992

Clint Eastwood is one of the rare individuals that falls into the category of great actor and great director. Unforgiven may not be Eastwood’s best directed film and it may not be his best acted film, but it is the best marriage between the two. It is here that Eastwood most easily directs himself and makes the film feel like a completely organic film both on and off camera. Westerns are a complex genre and up until this film they were mostly dead on arrival. But Eastwood’s turn as William Munny brought new life into the genre and fueled a resurgence over the past twenty-five years. Eastwood plays reformed killer Munny as he takes on one last job to give his children a better life and it works because it isn’t much different that Eastwood himself.

Thanks to Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman this film is a win in almost every way.

This film has held up surprisingly well over the years and earns my respect and an impressive…

5 out of 5



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