Mudbound – 2017

Movies about the conflict between the white and black communities have a lot of potential. Mudbound is one that handles its subject matter well and tells a powerful story about the friendship of two men, despite the differences between their two families. This film address a lot of sensitive historical issues between the land owning whites and the blacks who work the land for them, but it never strays from its message and delivers a great film that gives both sides a chance to shine. Carey Mulligan and Jason Clarke lead the cast, but it is relative newcomer Jason Mitchell who gives the film’s best performance, channeling the struggle between keeping the peace in his family and fighting for his right to live as he sees fit. This film doesn’t shy away from the racism of the South which gives the film more weight and a stronger message.

Netflix has has a lot of success lately and this one is no exception.

Definitely a contender in awards season and deservedly so, I give it…

4.5 out of 5



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