Wind River – 2017

A well-crafted thriller centered on the death of a young Native American girl who is found frozen in the Wyoming mountains. The film follows an experienced hunter (Jeremy Renner) who is recruited to help a green FBI Agent (Elizabeth Olsen) find her killer. The film is a character study more than it is a mystery and Jeremy Renner gives a fantastic performance as a man whose painful past is brought to the surface by the investigation. Also giving a great and reserved performance is Gil Birmingham, who proves that he has the chops to play the pain of a father who has lost everything. The real tragedy of this film comes at the end which reminds viewers that Native American women are the only demographic with no data on the number of missing.

Truly chilling and chock full of suspenseful moments that paint a darkly beautiful picture.

This film is a quiet contender for best film of the year and richly deserves…

4.5 out of 5


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