The Florida Project – 2017

I don’t always root for Willem Dafoe, but in this film I couldn’t help but take his side. The Florida Project follows a six-year-old girl on summer vacation who pines to visit Disney World, but is instead stuck helping her mom run scams on unsuspecting tourists. The film mostly shows small segments in the daily life of Moonee and her mother Halley, but these seemingly unconnected moments slowly come together as the film continuously builds on a single theme: motherhood. The film entertains the basic premise that Moonee is stuck in a bad situation, but her mother does the best that she knows how, making me wonder if she’s a bad mother or society is really to blame for her situation. This film asks a lot of good sociological questions and it really gives you pause when you consider how many people are in a similar boat.

Featuring a cast of mostly unknowns, this one works its tail off to stand out.

Definitely insightful and it earns an impressive score for the way it handled such sensitive subject matter…

4.5 out of 5


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