Princess Cyd – 2017

Indie films are like high school football players, you only hear about the good ones. Princess Cyd is one of those good ones. It takes the story of a young teenager with no grasp on the world coming into contact with her aunt who has a tight grip to make both of them realize what they really want. For Cyd (Jessie Pinnick) it’s that the world isn’t black and white and that she is free to love anyone, including a young mohawked woman named Katie. For her aunt Miranda (Rebecca Spence) it’s that life isn’t over for her and she shouldn’t be afraid to try new things. Both women come from different worlds, but they both have a deep longing to stay in their comfort zones, but it’s only when they reach beyond them do they find meaning.

A perfect example of how a low-key drama should play out with subtle performances from both lead actresses.

Rich and real, this one took time and effort to craft and earns…

4 out of 5


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