Lost in Translation – 2003

Bill Murray is a funny guy. His dry delivery and slick sense of humor have served him well for the last forty years, but it is his dramatic ability that deserves the most praise. Sofia Coppola delivers on a long-standing promise to direct this movie only if Murray is involved and her gambit pays off in spades with one of the greatest performances of Bill Murray’s career and the introduction of the still relatively unknown Scarlett Johansson. There is a lot of weight in this film and the relatability of these two lost souls makes it even more painful to wade into. The bond formed by Murray’s aging actor and Johansson’s bored wife is the kind of bond rarely seen in movies, but it’s one that films have been trying, and failing, to replicate for 14 years.

Amazing and worth every second of its many, many viewings.

Go out and rent this one if you’ve never seen it, I feel certain you won’t regret it…

5 out of 5



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