Psycho – 1960

Norman Bates is creepy. Norman Bates is terrifying. Norman Bates is iconic. There are few films that last for decades without ever growing stale, but Psycho is definitely one of them. This film feature a great performance from Anthony Perkins who delivers one of the most heart-stopping performances in cinema history. Most would agree that this film is Hitchcock’s legacy and it certainly proves to be a masterstroke. The film is bold and innovative and inspired the entire slasher genre. The film begins by following Marion Crane, and spends half the movie convincing the viewer that she is the story, only to realize that her story isn’t nearly interesting enough. The Bates Motel exists in its own world and it turns out that it is far more interesting than a single woman.

Indescribably original and one of the greatest thrillers ever conceived.

Hitchcock delivers and for his efforts he is greatly rewarded, earning him…

5 out of 5


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