Jaws – 1975

Suspense is best built up by keeping the audience in the dark. The villain of Jaws is a shark, but for most of the movie the shark’s presence is shrouded in shadow and the fear it induces is one-sided. The danger of the shark comes to a head when a trio of unlikely allies team up to take the shark down. Roy Schneider plays Brody, the skittish police chief whose attempts to err on the side of caution are often foiled, prompting his frustrated attempts to kill the shark. Richard Dreyfuss plays Hooper, a shark expert from the oceanographic institute whose understanding of the shark’s habits proves pivotal to locating the shark. Robert Shaw plays Quint, the grizzled shark hunter whose boat serves as the only set piece for the last half of the movie. Their interactions are what make the film so great.

Well-acted and full of suspense, this is one of those must-sees that should be re-watched often.

The shark alone deserves a lot of praise for its acting ability, so I give this one…

5 out of 5




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