Rear Window – 1954

Hitchcock is the master of suspense. He has created over a dozen great films that highlight the most terrifying aspects of human nature. Rear Window is one of his most well-known films and rightly so. The film focuses on an injured photographer whose cabin fever turns him out of the window of his house where he becomes fascinated by the exploits of his neighbors. Things quickly turn worse when he suspects that one of his neighbors has committed murder. The film draws on the classic Hitchcockian moments that create a good mystery, including distraction and misdirection, resulting in a lot of intense moments that sneak up on you. Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly give masterful performances and each finds a way to make the film their own.

Intense and frightening, this film makes spying on the neighbors seem truly dangerous.

This is definitely one of Hitchcock’s best and deserves at least…

4 out of 5


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