Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – 2000

It’s hard to know if Crouching Tiger is a tribute to the martial arts or an attempt to top them all. Either way, it succeeds. Ang Lee crafts a masterpiece here and it amplified an obscure genre of Asian cinema into the best film of the year. Fight scenes are like dances and they require an obscene amount of choreography to make them look good, but here the time and effort shows. The absurdity of the fight scenes only makes them more amazing. The subtle details within the film make it a masterful show of Lee’s style and if the devil is in the details, then the cinematography of this film, might be the devil. The cast gives great performances, in particular Zhang Ziyi who excels as a repressed woman bent on self-destruction who steals a great warrior’s sword just to prove she could.

This is one of the greatest Chinese films ever made and has a well-earned reputation.

The action, the acting, and the choreography keep the film high on my list with…

5 out of 5


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